EAC Guidelines – order hardcopy

ISAP has obtained 200 harcopies of the EAC Guidelines for the use of Geophysics in Archaeology which can be purchased by ISAP members at a very low price (£3) plus postage and packing. These copies are shipped from two locations, resulting in different shipping costs, depending on the destination address:

  • to a UK address, sent from from the UK,
  • to a German address, sent from Germany,
  • to all other addresses, sent from Germany.

Please select the appropriate shipping option below as we are unable to handle wrong payments. At the PayPal checkout make sure the delivery address is correct! We currently only accept PayPal payments and only through this web page to make this process more manageable. If this results in insurmountable problems for you please send an email to A.Schmidt@Bradford.ac.uk .

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