Natalie Pickartz

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since 13 Oct 2019

Natalie Pickartz is currently finishing her PhD in the working group 'Applied Geophysics' at the Institute of Geosciences at Kiel University, Germany. She developed her passion for archaeology already as a child. In 2008 she began to assist in archaeological and geophysical fieldwork before starting her studies. She executed her Bachelor and Master thesis at the University of Cologne (Germany) on geophysical measurements at archaeological sites. With her Bachelor thesis she focused on electrical resistivity tomography of a roman villa rustica. For her Master thesis, she conducted the magnetic prospection and data processing of the Nabataean and Roman site Haluza (Israel).
2017 she started to work on her PhD at Kiel University in the framework of the Collaborative Research Center 1266 'Scales of Transformation' with the working title 'Integrated Quantitative Interpretation of Magnetic Measurements in Archaeological Prospecting'.