I am an archaeologist and researcher employed at the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw. My research passions – archaeology, physics and Earth sciences – meet in archaeogeophysics, which corresponds well with my lack of confidence in the destructive study of cultural heritage.

Since 2009, I have participated in dozens of research projects, including in the study of the Karnak Temple (Egypt), several ancient and medieval capitals (eg. Tanis in Egypt, Old Dongola in Sudan, Medina Azahara in Spain) and one forgotten castle (┼╗elechów in Poland). Currently, I am the deputy director of the project 'Soba — the heart of Alwa' in which we study the spatial development of the capital of the medieval Nubian kingdom in Sudan in a broad context. All these projects have brought important experiences and allowed me to learn about a whole range of research approaches and to meet many interesting people. I am convinced that interdisciplinary activities are the greatest strength of archaeology and enable the development of this discipline. I have been an ISAP member since 2015. My publications can be found on ResearchGate.