Tom is a Senior Scientist in Visualising Heritage, based in the School of Archaeological & Forensic Sciences at the University of Bradford. Tom has worked at the University for over ten years, initially funded on an IFA bursary, but since, has worked on a broad range of projects from surveying latrines in Tanzania for a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation project, to using UAVs to capture the fossil bearing landscapes of Turkana Basin, Kenya with Louise Leakey, to mapping the temples and squares of Kathmandu damaged during the 2015 earthquake. He specialises in multimodal data capture, processing, analysis, data fusion, and presentation of complex data from above and below ground.
Prior to returning to work at the University of Bradford, Tom worked at various units including ARCUS (University of Sheffield) and Oxford Archaeology for several years, building upon skillsets initially gained through his undergraduate (BSc in Archaeological Science (2001)) and postgraduate training (MSc in Archaeological Prospection (2004)) at the University of Bradford.