Software for Seriation

I never met Irwin Scollar personally, but I corresponded with him several times years ago when I was using WinBASP, the Windows update to the earlier command line version of BASP (Bonn Archaeological Seriation Program).  He was extremely helpful and conveyed a delightful personality, even via email.

WinBASP, as the name implies, was great for seriation.  It had other nifty features and other statistical operations.  My favorite was a module that plotted histograms of whatever variable you chose for different sites on a map.  It was quite impressive - and fun - at the time.  It seems you can still download it, and maybe it would run in a pre-Windows 10 emulation:

I’m sure I have a copy of it on. 3.5 inch floppy somewhere...

Mark Schurr
(University of Notre Dame)