Virtual Lecture Series 2020/21

An online lecture series had been organised by ISAP member Kris Lockyear (

The format was:

  • Meetings with either
    • one long (ca. 45 min) presentation (plus questions), or
    • two medium (20-25 minute) presentations (plus questions), or
    • a series of quick-fire presentations.  These would be either
      • “look what I found” with some nice results, or
      • “the problem of equifinality” or “when things went wrong”. This would be intended to be an entertaining expose of those forehead-slapping moments we have all been involved in.
  • The meetings are held at early evening time for the UK (approximately 6.30pm) so that the times would also work in Continental Europe and in the Americas.
  • Tickets are free but need to be booked via Eventbrite.
  • The meetings are hosted using the Combined Hertfordshire Archaeological Societies’  Virtual Seminar account.
  • The talks are advertised widely using Social Media and are also open to non-ISAP members.
  • The meetings are relatively informal, and no extended abstract etc. are needed (or provided).

If you would like to offer a talk, please send an email to with (a) a title (b) selection of duration (see above) and (c) how soon you would be prepared to present.

Meetings so far:

  • 21 December 2020
    • A multiperiod site at Little Hadham, Hertfordshire, UK (Kris Lockyear)
    • Prospecting an 18th century executioner’s place near Nijmegen, NL (Joep Orbons)
    • A New “Great Circle” in Southern Ohio, USA: Magnetic Gradiometry, Aerial Imagery, and LiDAR (Jarrod Burks, Ohio Valley Archaeology, Inc.)
  • 27 January 2021
    • Geophysical Surveys at the Middle Grant Creek Site, a 17th century Native American village in northern Illinois, USA: New data with an old instrument (Mark Schurr)
    • A Magnetometry Survey of Port Meadow aerodrome, UK (Roger Ainslie)
    • Integration of GPR and magnetics to map ancient burial mounds in northern Australia (Lawrence Conyers)