Virtual Lecture Series 2020/21

A virtual lecture series is being organised by ISAP member Kris Lockyear (

The suggested format is:

  • Meetings with either
    • one long (ca. 45 min) presentation (plus questions),
    • two medium (20-25 minute) presentations (plus questions).
    • a series of quick-fire presentations.  These would be either
      • "look what I found" with some nice results, or
      • "the problem of equifinality" or "when things went wrong". This would be intended to be an entertaining expose of those forehead-slapping moments we have all been involved in.
  • The meetings would be held at early evening time for the UK (probably 6.30pm) so that the times would work for those on the continent and in the Americas as well.
  • Tickets will be free but need to be booked via Eventbrite.
  • The meetings will be hosted using the Combined Hertfordshire Archaeological Societies'  Virtual Seminar account.  
  • The talks will be advertised widely using social media and will also be open to non-ISAP members.
  • The meetings will be relatively informal, and no extended abstract etc. is needed.

Ideally this should be started as soon as possible and could be run regularly over the next few months (or until we run out of offers of talks).  It would be nice to run the light-hearted "equifinality" presentations shortly before the winter holidays as a fun end to what has been for many a frustrating year for survey.

If you would like to offer a talk, please send an email to with (a) a title (b) selection of duration (see above) and (c) how soon you would be prepared to present.