I first met Albert in Los Angeles 1992. I was presenting my first poster in the ISA meeting and he made very interesting and positive comments about it.
I invited him to participate in field work around 1995 in Zacapu, Michoacan and we spent a couple of weeks working together and doing magnetic gradient and electric resistivity surveys, producing one of our most beautiful maps ever. By that time, he also suggested some modifications in our Bradphys IV equipment that improved its performance.
In the evenings, I remember him inside our mobile lab, preparing pastis with cold water, while we were making comments and were processing data. After finishing everyday work, he used to walk back to our hotel in the town, 2 km away, to take pictures that later, some of them, were transformed into aquarelle paintings. He was fascinated by the volcanic landscape and the violet color of the jacarandas blossom.
As a member of the Standing Committee, he suggested to me to organize the ISA meeting in 2000 in Mexico. He attended it and then he traveled, with his wife Janine, to a variety of places in Mexico afterwards.
I remember him as a rigorous engineer in field work, a pioneer in archaeological prospection that invited me to visit the mythic Garchy testing field. In addition, he was a great photographer and aquarelle painter but even more important, I remember him as a generous person sharing all his knowledge and talents with the people around him.