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ISAPNews 35

  • Obituary for Prof. Arnold Aspinall by Armin Schmidt, Chris Gaffney
  • Current research at San Salvatore Telesino, Campania by Alice James
  • Analysis of Umayyad desert fortresses in the Near East by Declassified CORONA satellite images by Roland Linck
  • Archaeological Geophysical Surveys reveal the Basketmaker III Population at Dillard Site by Meg Watters &  Shanna Diederichs
  • Quadrature-Phase Susceptibility Anomalies Detected with the Geonics EM 38B by Duncan McNeil & Jonathan Fowler
  • Archaeological and Maritime Surveys on the Island of Ghagha, Western Region, Abu Dhabi, UAE by Kris Strutt et al.
  • Irish Archaeological Geophysical Survey Database launched online by James Bonsall et al.
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