Chris Gaffney is Head of Archaeological & Forensic Sciences at the University of Bradford. His doctoral research was conducted under Arnold Aspinall at Bradford on the Schlumberger resistance array, investigating its suitability for archaeological surveys. On leaving academia he worked in the commercial sector, including 18 years at GSB Prospection (in Bradford), which he led together with John Gater. And yes, he did appear in Time Team! Since 2007 Chris has worked at the University of Bradford teaching prospection to all grades of students and leading the MSc in Archaeological Prospection since 2010. He has undertaken fieldwork in many different places, ranging from Cyrene (Libya) to Stonehenge (UK).

Chris has been on the Editorial Board of the journal Archaeological Prospection since its inception and became Editor in 2004, after Arnold Aspinall's retirement. His current research overlaps with most areas of archaeological prospection and its applications.