Chrys is currently a Director of Magnitude Surveys Ltd, a social enterprise and specialist archaeological geophysics contractor to the community, public outreach and commercial sectors. Her passion for archaeological geophysics developed during her BA degree (Anthropology – emphasis in Archaeology) at Minnesota State University Moorhead in the United States. This lead her to pursue the specialised MSc in Archaeological Prospection at the University of Bradford in the United Kingdom. Following a brief stint as a field surveyor in the commercial sector, Chrys returned to Bradford to undertake a PhD entitled ‘Pieces of puzzle: fitting electromagnetic induction into geophysical strategies to produce enhanced archaeological characterisation’. While writing up her PhD, Chrys co-founded Magnitude Surveys, which has since expanded to become one of the largest independent archaeological geophysics companies in the UK. Chrys is passionate about using geophysical techniques as an interactive tool to facilitate engagement of people of all ages and backgrounds with cultural heritage. She will try to channel this passion into ISAP and focus on improving engagement and inspiring the participation of new members.