ISAP Proofreading Scheme

The ISAP Proofreading Scheme facilitates the voluntary proofreading of archaeological geophysics texts written by ISAP members by other ISAP members. For details please see the scheme document.

If you are interested to act as a voluntary proofreader or if you want to ask other members to proofread your text, please send an email to so that you can be added to the list

From the scheme document:

“When making a request for proofreading [to – you must first be subscribed to that list, see above] the following information should be provided by the author:

  • in which language is proofreading required?
  • how long is the text (e.g. number of words, approximate page count, number of captions)?
  • when is it due, and is this a hard deadline?
  • for what purpose is the text required (e.g. journal publication, grant application)?
  • what archaeological geophysics expertise is required?
  • is other subject knowledge also required?
  • in what format is the text available (e.g. Microsoft Word document (preferable), .odt; .pdf is not recommended)?

You can simply copy this text and paste it into your email, then complete the items.