The annual membership fee for individual members is currently £10 (British Pound Sterling) or 11 Euros. It is due on 1st of January for one year. Please make sure that the Society receives the full amount and that no further bank charges are deducted. Cheques can only be accepted from British banks. If you make a money transfer, you can either use the British Pound Sterling account or the Euro account (see below) but all charges have to be borne by you. Make sure to start the ‘subject line’ of the transfer with your name, as often only the first few characters are transmitted to the Society’s bank. A document explaining the different payment options is shows information received by members.

Application Form

Please fill in the form with your personal details, select a payment method, print yourself a copy for your own records and submit the form to the Society by clicking the ‘submit’ button at the bottom. As banks sometimes not even include full names in the information sent with money transfers it is essential that you fill in the form and submit it to the Society so that the incoming money can be linked to yourself. Important:Your membership will only start when the membership fee is received in full.


First name/Call name:
Middle name(s):
Surname/Last name/Family name:
Address line 1: (e.g. Department of Archaeological Sciences)
Address line 2: (e.g. University of Bradford)
Address line 3: (e.g. Richmond Road)
Address line 4: (e.g. Bradford BD7 1DP)
Country: (e.g. U.K.)

Payment: Make a PayPal. payment of £7.00 (membership fee) + £0.50 (PayPal service charges). [this link will open a separate PayPal window that you can close when the payment has been made] Visa. Mastercard. American Express. Switch. Solo. Visa Delta. Visa Electron.
I have just made a PayPal. payment of £7.00 (membership fee) + £0.50 (PayPal service charges).

I will send a £7.00 Pound Sterling Cheque from a UK bank, made payable to ISAP, to the following address: International Society for Archaeological Prospection c/o Paul Linford (Treasurer) English Heritage, Fort Cumberland, Eastney, Portsmouth PO4 9LD, United Kingdom

I will make a £7.00 bank transfer to the ISAP British Pound Sterling account. Account details can be emailed to you on request (A.Schmidt ‘at’

I will make a 10 Euros bank transfer to the ISAP Euro account. Account details can be emailed to you on request (A.Schmidt ‘at’