Yasushi Nishimura

It is with immense sadness that we inform you of the death of Yasushi Nishimura on 12 March 2020. He has championed archaeological geophysics not only in Japan and South East Asia, but also globally through participation in many international workshops and projects. His role as a mentor has led many of us 'on the right path' and helped to progress new ideas in archaeological prospection. Together with Dean Goodman he demonstrated how GPR can revolutionise the view of the subsurface at a time when only few thought this would ever be possible. He has been an ISAP Honorary Member since the beginning in 2004.

We will sorely miss him.

Chris Gaffney (Chair) and Armin Schmidt (Honorary Secretary), 13 March 2020

Contributions in Honour of Yasushi Nishimura

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